Bhutan, also known as the land of the thunder dragon, is a tiny kingdom tucked away in the Eastern Himalayas. Since time immemorial ascetics, mystics, scholars, philosophers and pilgrims have been drawn to the remote and rugged mountains of Bhutan in their personal search for wisdom, inspiration, solitude and happiness. Visitors will be surprised that the invaluable spiritual and cultural legacy that these seekers left behind is still richly intact and at the degree to which they permeate all strands of modern secular life. From the traditional woven garments to the prayer flags on high mountain slopes, from the architectural environment to the natural environment, from the religious mask dances to folk dances, this heritage is readily evident and offers a unique setting.

Bhutan's climate ranges from tropical in the south, to temperate in the centre of the country, to cold in the north. Mid December to early January can be a beautifully clear and dry time in western Bhutan. Late December through mid February is the period of heaviest snowfall in the higher elevations. The autumn season, late September through November, is usually mild and the sky is at its clearest affording magnificent views of the Himalaya.

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