Tibet is a popular dream destination for travelers and adventure lovers alike. Lying at a height of 4,900 m in the rain shadow of the Himalaya, Tibet offers exceptional trekking opportunities during the summer months. Trekking in the thin air requires excellent acclimatization so it's best not to rush a holiday to Tibet.

Culturally, Tibet is a treasure trove. In Lhasa, the Potala Palace is the landmark sight with its towering white walls and prostrating pilgrims. The Jokhang and surrounding streets of the Barkhor Market form both the spiritual and commercial heart of the old city. Outside of Lhasa, the old towns of Gyantse, Shegar and Shigatse provide a glimpse of life in old Tibet with their monasteries and forts. The ancient capital of Guge – a city of cave dwellings and crumbling palaces – is one of the least visited places in Tibet.

Away from the cultural centres, the landscape of Tibet is its crowning glory. The sacred mountain of Kailash and the towering north face of Everest are two of the most impressive sights attracting both trekkers and pilgrims alike – particularly at the time of the Saga Dawa Festival at Kailash. But it is probably the endless, high-altitude plateau of brown rolling hills, pierced occasionally by enormous peaks, that best characterises Tibet and leaves an indelible impression on all visitors.

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